About us

FameJar is a platform where creators can monetize their social presence by offering exclusive content to their followers. We have been overwhelmed with how all of the fan sites in this industry are filled with adult content. We have decided to create a platform that has a reputation for offering educational content devoid of adult nudity or pornography.

In October of 2020, we began creating FameJar. Upon surveying hundreds of thousands of social media creators, we have asked what features would they like to have in a such platform. All of the data points were collected and the most requested features were implemented into Famejar.

We have launched FameJar in March of 2021 after a substantial number of beta testers spent 5 months testing out Famejar. 

We are comitted to making FameJar the most transparent and ethical fans platform on the internet, where your privacy is highly respected and protected. Additionally, we are comitted to staying absolutely pornography-free, where you can join and grow with us confidently.