Hey TRC Fam! I have created and updated a 10-page guide that will help you get EASIER KILLS at Siege. It is designed in collaboration with a pro player, who gave me tips about how to properly think about the game.

It is absolutely free to download. Just sub to my Famejar, which is also free and it will give you access to the PDF.

Love you all and appreciate you being part of our community. More awesome things to come. You ABSOLUTLEY DON"T HAVE TO, but if you want to tip me for coffee, I won't be mad. 😁 I've made this for you to improve!

P.S. I will be regularly posting exclusive learning content here on the Famejar page, so keep your eyes out for weekly updates.

Hey TRC Fam, here's a leak of the new Y6S1 "Rainbow is Magic" + "Showdown event". Comment which are you hyped about and sub to me here!

Hey TRC fam. This is our official Famejar page. All posts will be free. You can sub/tip me here ONLY if you want to support my work. I don't make anything from the TRC page. Any help will be appreciated, BUT NOT REQUIRED.